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Call For Papers

Interested in submitting your research to the next issue of the American Language Journal?  You can check out our call for papers here:

You can submit your abstract through the link above or email

If you are submitting an abstract with multiple authors, please email your abstract directly to


1. How can I submit an abstract to the ALJ? 


2. How can I gain access to the ALJ Archive? 

  • Click here for access to past ALJ publications online. 


3. How can I subscribe to the ALJ Newsletter? 

  • Click here to subscribe for updates and news related to the ALJ. 


4. What topics will be considered for inclusion in the ALJ? 

  • A number of topics and fields of study will be considered as long as the research is empirically driven and strengthens our understanding of language use and education in the Americas.


5. What is the policy on reprinting from ALJ publications?

  • Reprint permissions should be directed to the individual authors of those articles, as they retain copyright.



6. My manuscript was accepted.  What are the next steps? 

  • Please provide your permanent address to the ALJ here to receive a physical copy of the journal.  You will be notified via email once the publication is posted online. 


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