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The American Language Journal features peer-reviewed research related to language structure, use and education in North, Central, and South America.  As such, articles are accepted in a number of languages, including (although certainly not limited to) English, Spanish, Navajo, and Mayangna, alongside a translated copy (in English).  The purpose of the journal is to spread the increasing wealth of knowledge related to language and language use to a broader audience and find appropriate ways to integrate new research into creative tools to promote language education and preservation throughout the world. 

Amelia Shettle Mena

Amelia Mena is the editor of the American Language Journal.  Her research passions include language preservation and documentation, anthropological linguistics (specifically language ideology), and socio-phonetics.  She has worked in language curriculum publishing within the United States and in collaborative efforts with Native tribes in Central America. 

Steve Chen.JPG
Steve Chen

Steve Chen is the CEO of Read With You, an education company dedicated to integrating current language research into their developing curriculum for 11 languages.  The American Language Journal has partnered with the Read With You Center for Language Research and Development to publish research-backed materials for language learning.

Interested in partnering with the ALJ?  Please contact us

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